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Bocci Trattoria & Pizzeria


5850 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 206-4067
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Photo of Rondale Goulet Rondale Goulet
Sep 29, 2023 4

I was a little underwhelmed with the service. It looked like the hostess was sleeping when we walked in. We had to ask for bread, were charged extra for the salad that we thought came with the meal since she asked what side we wanted. She didn't even ask for the other meal. They had no soda because their machine wasn't working! We only went because we had a gift card so we probably won't be back. Hopefully it was just an off day and not the usual service...

Photo of S Sheth S Sheth
Sep 23, 2023 5

Nona's cheese pizza is really tasty. I don't usually like pizza at Italian restaurants, and I am picky, but this one passed the test!! It is priced comparably to no coupon pizza but much much higher quality, fresh dough and real tomato. A little oily and wet in the middle but a nice crisp crust bottom and sides and tasty sharp cheese blend. Not weird or doughy. They cook it so it's a little dark. Worth a try for $15 medium and enough for leftovers. I spent $21 total with a drink and tip - sit down.

Photo of By being your best you can only win By being your best you can only win
Aug 26, 2023 3

As an experienced Image Consultant it is quickly determined when someone is in need of assistance. The area that I had dined was not clean. It was the illusion of such, however.with further observance, it was known and felt the dust, floors, and windows. The waitress and owner, I believe owner, was friendly and accommodating. My suggestion to this business would be to have each staff member have duties of cleaning 2/3x per shift, and checked off with definitely before leaving. Businesses can suffer when very important details are neglected. Hope you have success with your improvements.

Photo of Stanley Stasiewicz Stanley Stasiewicz
Aug 23, 2023 4

The food was very good but I don't think they get a lot of lunch traffic. I think they only had one server. She was very attentive but it took awhile for us to get our orders. I'm sure that wasn't her fault.

Photo of Danny Orlando Danny Orlando
Aug 19, 2023 4

I loved the crust on the pizza, but taste wise it was average. The restaurant, although it had a health score of 94, wasn't particularly clean and my granddaughter said the bathroom was bad. The entry floor and under the coolers was dirty.

Photo of Jessica K Jessica K
Mar 19, 2023 4

Very unimpressive pizza. The "nona" thin crust pizza was the thickness I pretty much expect of a regular pizza. The sundried tomatoes is actually an extra smear of seasoned tomato paste rather than dried, scattered toppings. A handful of the other toppings were not well distributed. Separate charge per topping. And the crust was thick and difficult to bite through when it fell to room temperature. The flavor was okay; I mostly question the cost and presentation. Not really worth it.