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Bocci Trattoria & Pizzeria


5850 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 206-4067
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Photo of Martha Crone Martha Crone
Mar 24, 2022 5

We had my daughter's bridal shower in the Venetian Room at the Durham location. The staff and food were fabulous. What a charming place. Thanks to Bocci, the event was perfect and my daughter was thrilled

Photo of Christin Wilson Christin Wilson
Mar 8, 2022 4

So many fun true Italian dishes here! Can't really go wrong with anything off the menu and they have these cute little mini cannolis they are a must try.

Photo of David Kane David Kane
Mar 5, 2022 5

I’ve been eating at Bocci for many years. The food and service has always been excellent. I ordered and picked up an Eggplant Parmesan entree tonight for dinner. It was ready in 20 minutes despite it being a busy Saturday night. Never disappoints.

Photo of Chance Lester Chance Lester
Mar 18, 2022 5

This place is a amazing in most ways, but it is anchored entirely by the manager. I'm pretty sure the owner either doesn't care about this restaurant or they're shorting it. Either way, don't not go here. The food and ambiance are worth the wait.

Photo of Subi Du Subi Du
Mar 12, 2022 5

I took my family to this restaurant for the first time and we all love the food. Very authentic Italian taste and lovely seating arrangement for big group of people. I would love to go again and try more Menu items.

Photo of E A E A
Nov 28, 2021 4

I havent try it in a long time but everytime I come here is simply delicious. Food is so yummy and taste fresh, service is quick and super friendly. Highly recommended!!

Photo of Denise Bennett Denise Bennett
Sep 22, 2021 5

We love coming to Bocci! It is a cheers vibe.... Everybody knows your name!! Chef Ka'Lid makes the BEST PIZZA in Durham and Melissa has the best customer service and drinks!

Photo of Adam Lang Adam Lang
Jul 23, 2021 4

We had a nice meal in a beautiful outdoor dining area. Staff was fun, pizza was a hit for the kids, and portions were big. Thanks for a nice evening.

Photo of Honoreé Brewton Honoreé Brewton
Jul 13, 2021 4

I had a chicken and spinach calzone. It was pretty good, although, I feel as if it lacked a little flavor. The NY cheesecake was really good! And they played great music (oldies hits).

Photo of Amy “The Connector” Pittman Amy “The Connector” Pittman
Jun 25, 2021 5

I visited Bocci Trattoria & Pizzeria for a Bridal Shower event and it was amazing! Our waiter and waitress was absolutely attentive and accommodating. Make sure you get the salad and the lasagna you will not be disappointed. Also the sweet tea is smashing!

Photo of Lisa Reid Lisa Reid
May 25, 2021 3

I got take out Chicken Marsala. It was a good size portion but the flavor was mediocre at best. The pasta was over cooked and there was no Marsala flavor. I will try again. The patio are was full of happy diners.

Photo of Cory Burkholder Cory Burkholder
May 28, 2021 5

I very much enjoyed the lasagna and house salad. The sauce was excellent and dressing was yummy.I’m staying at the Ronald McDonald House currently and your meal hit the spot perfectly, thank you so much.

Photo of Shane Harrod Shane Harrod
Mar 16, 2021 4

The food here was very good, but the kitchen timing left us wanting.It was a Friday night and our party was somewhat large and ordered a variety of dishes ordered. I had the penne a la vodka- very tasty. The issue was with the pizza. We had about a 20 minute gap from when our non pizza entrees were served and when the pizza came out, causing us to eat in shifts. I understand being busy, but the kitchen should have waited a bit longer to fire the entrees if they were that backed up on pizza.

Photo of Timothy Aull Timothy Aull
Feb 20, 2021 4

Great food. Have eaten here multiple times and always left satisfied.

Photo of Josh Pope Josh Pope
Dec 14, 2020 5

I think I just had the best Stromboli of my life.....

Photo of Kristopher Brown Kristopher Brown
Dec 8, 2020 5

The people were genuinely friendly and the pizza was incredible. I could tell that the marinara and cheese were of a higher quality than most places.

Photo of Justin Davis Justin Davis
Dec 6, 2020 5

The Chicago deep dish pizza was delicious. The price was also reasonable and the servers were friendly. It was an enjoyable lunch. I'd recommend this restaurant.

Photo of Kelly M. (creperum) Kelly M. (creperum)
Nov 30, 2020 5

Been eating there for years. I haven't tried anything on the menu, that I haven't loved!

Photo of Cathy Shannon Cathy Shannon
Nov 17, 2020 3

Wish covid was over Surely a better meal then TO GO

Photo of Rechette Graney Rechette Graney
Oct 15, 2020 4

Great Chicago deep dish pizza. Fast takeout, and also good eat in experience with friendly staff.

Photo of maria ramirez maria ramirez
Nov 3, 2020 4

Food was delicious totaly worth the wait. The bread they give you while you wait was warm and tasted fresh.

Photo of Nick Rabah Nick Rabah
Sep 15, 2020 5

One of my families favorite places to eat. We love sitting outside and watching all the children play. Prices are very reasonable and food is good. So sorry that they took away bruschetta from the menu.

Photo of MJ's Total Health And Wellness Enrichment MJ's Total Health And Wellness Enrichment
Sep 13, 2020 5

Best pizza and calamari in the triangle hands down, I've been a customer for over a decade

Photo of Damon Davenport Damon Davenport
Sep 11, 2020 5

A very good dinning experience. The pizza was great and we are always happy with the service.

Photo of Nick Rabah Nick Rabah
Aug 13, 2020 5

One of my families favorite places to eat. Qe love sitting outside and watching all the children play. Prices are very reasonable and food is good. So sorry that they took away bruschetta from the menu.

Photo of Ashley Biggs Ashley Biggs
Aug 1, 2020 3

I loved the penne alla vodka that I ordered here previously, but today I got the spaghetti and meatballs and it was borderline inedible. The noodles were swimming in watery ketchup-esque sauce and the meatballs were offensively over-seasoned. They reminded me of the seasoning on Indian food (cumin?). Definitely didn't taste Italian, so it was not pleasant to eat with pasta and tomato sauce

Photo of Anne Marie Egan Anne Marie Egan
Aug 6, 2020 4

Good food, fair service. Great place to add to your take out rotation. Try the garlic knots!

Photo of VVS Diamond VVS Diamond
Aug 2, 2020 4

Food was great! Prices were good too! Service was decent, it could very well be because it was towards the end of the night. No major complaints really

Photo of Susan Susan
Jul 16, 2020 5

Excellent eggplant! And bread and calamari! First time dining, will definitely be back!!

Photo of Charlena Watson Charlena Watson
Jul 3, 2020 5

During My visit we are under the covid padamic. They used the wear the mask law. They spaced out the seating. Now to the food OMG SOOOOO YUMMY.I got the deep dish Chicago pizza 14 inch. I only had one slice 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂. Prices are very reasonable.

Photo of John Cinque John Cinque
Jun 22, 2020 5

Service was very helpful and polite and the food was fantastic! Love that seafood fantasia! The patio was a great spot for the family to hang out and really enjoy our Father’s Day!Thank you bocci!

Photo of Max Delvalle Max Delvalle
Jun 15, 2020 5

The very best 👌 Pizza I've had since I moved to N.C. from New York!!!

Photo of Wendy Cartwright Wendy Cartwright
May 1, 2020 5

The food here is extraordinary and they've made it so easy to pick-up with curbside. The family meals provide SO MUCH delicious food and Melissa, who I've spoken to and seen both times I've picked up, really goes above and beyond. She is super friendly and accommodating. Thanks you Melissa and Bocci!!!!

Photo of food swagger food swagger
Jul 28, 2018 5

Good food great staff

Photo of Bert Barber Bert Barber
Jan 29, 2020 4

Service was outstanding.Nice atmosphere, food was good and reasonably priced. Will definitely go back.

Photo of Wilsonian 17 Wilsonian 17
Feb 8, 2020 4

Our household has tried Bocci Trattoria several times over 5-6 years. Although the pasta dishes are generally good, the Nonna's style pizza is a favorite. We usually fight over the corner pieces on the square pan. The Nonna's pizza is a 4.5. Pasta, calzones, etc are in the 4.0 range.

Photo of Luther Paulk Luther Paulk
Jan 30, 2020 4

Very friendly staff. Good pizza. Just wish the deep dish was a little bit thicker. For that authentic Chicago feel.

Photo of Jennifer Hennigan Jennifer Hennigan
Jan 14, 2020 5

Food is pretty good. I really appreciated that they let me swap my side for vegetables, and I was glad that I did. The vegetables were delicious.

Photo of Micheal Peters Micheal Peters
Dec 28, 2019 3

I've eaten here a few times. I'm always underwhelmed by the pizza. The pasta dishes look good, but I haven't tasted them. The service, unless you sit at the bar, is slow. There are better Italian and pizza spots in town.

Photo of Hannah Hiles Hannah Hiles
Dec 7, 2019 5

Fabulous Italian food. Their Chicago style deep dish is some of the closest I have come to "the real thing". Very romantic and perfect atmosphere - great date location!

Photo of Robert McNeill Robert McNeill
Nov 24, 2019 5

My wife and I frequently pick-up food or eat at Bocci. The food is always delicious and the service is always great. The staff is always very friendly, and are willing to accommodate the request of guests.

Photo of Charity Duran Charity Duran
Sep 27, 2019 5

We come to Bocci almost every week and are never disappointed. The service is great and the new menu is delicious. Our kids love the pizza! Our most recent visit was great as well, and Tee was a great server!

Photo of Anna McClaugherty Anna McClaugherty
Oct 18, 2019 4

Little known fact...Bocci has an excellent gluten free menu. I got the mushroom polenta and it was very flavorful and satisfying. You never know how gluten free is going to go at an Italian restaurant, but this did not disappoint. Service was friendly and quick, although our server did have a weird sense of humor. Made it fun.

Photo of Katherine Arango Katherine Arango
Sep 27, 2019 5

Tee, our server for this evening, was simply amazing!She was kind, always had a smile on her face, and gave us the best service. She also went the extra mile by making our daughter feel special after she came from school feeling sad and disappointed because her friend is not coming back to the same school. Tee played with her and was very sensitive about her feelings. To top it all off, I got a free complimentary dessert.

Photo of CB And CB And
Oct 1, 2019 5

The service is awesome. They really do aim to please their customers. I changed my original order to try something different. My taste buds didn't agree with the switch. However, management was very accommodating in making sure I had a very good and rewarding experience in their restaurant and I did.

Photo of Chandra Chandra
Jun 20, 2019 5

Hey I wanted to say that I have been going to Bocci for a very long time. I am at the bar all the time. It's the best seats. They really work hard to get to know you and please you. I think that you presently have a lady I will call "Ms V" and Mr J. that are awesome. Always trying to please. Reviews are taken seriously but please know it doesn't represent the majority. Love guys

Photo of Tori Grauer Tori Grauer
May 31, 2019 5

This is one of our favorite pizza places in the area. The food and service is always excellent. Prices are very reasonable.

Photo of Michelle Jackson Michelle Jackson
May 22, 2019 5

Great food. Awesome service. Nice place.Everything I have ordered here from the sandwiches to the pasta has been wonderful. I also love the fact the will substitute the pasta in dishes for a different type pasta.

Photo of David Perrey David Perrey
May 18, 2019 5

I didn't think I was a fan of deep dish style pizza, but the one we had from Bocci was absolutely first rate, recommend getting the smaller size so it is just perfect and not soggy in the middle. Sitting outside on a perfect May evening was just delightful. The dessert was also good (we had the cheesecake of the day) though a little small.

Photo of Jenette Arreola Jenette Arreola
May 11, 2022 5

The calamari tasted absolutely perfect! Hey, some locations don’t prepare this appetizer well! 😆 Anyway, my salmon entree with spinach and beans was also enjoyable, tasted as desired. Although not listen on the menu, my date obtained chicken alfredo with additional shrimp. Very good selection! Our server Jermaine? Very knowledge! He served us well ☺️

Photo of Heather House Heather House
May 10, 2022 5

Bocci had been on my list for a while and they were able to accommodate 10 of us at lunch on Mother's Day. The inside is fairly small, but Melissa was fabulous helping me.with the reservations and making sure we had a place for all of us to sit inside since it was rainy and cold. The food was great and good portion sizes. Wine prices were average/notmal. Our waitress, Leigh, took very good care of us and the bartender made some fruity rum something especially for my niece that other folks seeing it wanted. I was very pleased with the atmosphere, service and food and high recommended a visit.

Photo of Carl Fisher Carl Fisher
May 11, 2022 4

Good food, great outdoor seating. Was very quiet for a weekday at lunchtime, when Nantucket across the courtyard seemed busy. Bocci has a much better menu imo.

Photo of Joseph Foster Joseph Foster
Jun 10, 2022 4

Bocci is not only an amazing restaurant with great food, it's also a great place to bring your children. Sit outside and let the kids play. Great place!

Photo of eric woriax eric woriax
Jun 27, 2022 5

Bottom Floor of the complex,access should be easy for all. We were in and out quickly and accommodated pleasantly. The service was great ,friendly and capable to provisions. Loved the experience and atmosphere. Outside dining was available but we ate inside. The food was excellent. It was a beautiful experience.