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Bikram Yoga Durham


103 Belt St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 251-8763
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Photo of Timothy Sowicz Timothy Sowicz
Feb 22, 2020 5

Good energy class this afternoon!

Photo of Franklin Santana Franklin Santana
Jun 15, 2019 5

I love this studio. Really good folks that really care. It is always friendly and inviting. There is a great sense of community. I would recommend to anyone from the seasoned Bikram yogi to beginner. You will always get a positive experience at BYD.

Photo of Michael Smith Michael Smith
May 30, 2019 5

friendly and knowledgable instructors and a clean facility make for an awesome place to practice. Even if you have never tried yoga, hot yoga, bikram etc, this is a great place for anyone looking to challenge themselves

Photo of Janice McCrimmon Janice McCrimmon
Mar 10, 2019 5

Friendly, convenient time slots. Great experience, try their intro package.

Photo of Raymond Conroy Raymond Conroy
Nov 28, 2017 5

A welcoming studio for all ages, all body shapes & sizes, and all fitness levels. I write from experience, as I started Bikram yoga in my senior years when I was very unfit, and find that I can progress at my own level independent of all those around me. Now I enjoy the benefits of better balance in my life.Why do I enjoy Bikram in this studio?- cold fresh face towels at end of practice,- ice pops and socializing after class,- predictability of each session - that's Bikram,- trying out Yin yoga as a complement to Bikram,- non-judgemental teachers.

Photo of Marilyn Lyons Marilyn Lyons
Aug 1, 2017 5

I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for about 3 years and practicing at Bikram Yoga Durham for about a year and a half. Bikram Yoga Durham is a wonderful place to practice. The owners and teachers are knowledgeable, friendly, and very mindful of the students in the class. The room is spacious and clean. The atmosphere is happy and peaceful. I work in RTP and the Durham location is perfect for a Bikram class either before or after work.

Photo of Chauna Brooks Chauna Brooks
Jul 2, 2019 5

I haven't been to this studio in quite some time (work, life, laziness) and I am so glad I came back! The owners are awesome, the classes are amazing, the studio is clean and eco friendly! I just started back and I am sleeping better, eating better, overall feeling better.