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Big C Waffles


9201 2110 Allendown Dr
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 797-7576
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Photo of John Hardman John Hardman
Jun 25, 2020 5

Big C Waffles is the bomb. I've known Carl since before he opened the restaurant and I knew those waffles were great, which they are. What I had not tried were his chicken wings, which are phenomenal. The food is fantastic! Carl is the man.

Photo of Jazmine Baldwin Jazmine Baldwin
Jun 19, 2020 3

I was a little underwhelmed with this place. I got the cinnamon pecan waffle and was very disappointed with the lack of flavor. It tasted like a regular waffle with a hint of cinnamon and absolutely no pecans. I do intend to try another flavor though. There was a line to order and that many people can't be wrong about a restaurant. The chicken, however, was excellent and so was the kool-aid.

Photo of Dorian Lewis Dorian Lewis
Jun 9, 2020 3

Food was great but $12 dollars for a waffle and 4 Flat wing sections. Not worth it to me. I thought it at least would have been 4 whole wings.

Photo of Dharshyani Jackson Dharshyani Jackson
Jun 10, 2020 5

I got to experience Big C Waffles through Offline Durham and I am so glad that I was able to experience this! I don't eat gluten very often but this was worth eating gluten! The customer service was so great and the food was pretty darn delicious!

Photo of Lee Nelson Lee Nelson
Jun 12, 2020 4

This was a pretty great little local spot. The staff was super friendly and the food was great! We got two orders of the Full Waffle and 4 Piece Chicken for $12 each. One waffle was Egg Bacon & Cheese the other waffle was Blueberry. Both were great! I was hoping that the 4 Piece Chicken was going to be drums sticks or something along those lines but the wings were perfectly cooked and delicious! I look forward to going back!

Photo of edward wallace edward wallace
May 23, 2020 3

Food was cooked fresh, made just as I asked and had great customer service was it worth the drive idk, would I recommend it to someone who lives there sure.... if I am ever in durham nc I might try again. Thanks for the great service though.

Photo of Jasmine Fleurizard Jasmine Fleurizard
Mar 19, 2020 5

The cinnamon pecan waffle was delicious. Chicken was made when we ordered. The Kool aid was great. I'm happy with everything. The service was also great

Photo of Monica Taylor Monica Taylor
Apr 25, 2019 5

Had a Fantastic Brunch with Bennie Benson!! The chicken and waffles are amazing!! We'll definitely be back🔥😁

Photo of Neka Craig Neka Craig
Feb 22, 2020 5

Better than I thought. The waffles were warm and soft. The fried chicken super flavorful. I will definitely return

Photo of P M P M
Feb 28, 2020 5

Big C is the real deal! Maybe the realest dude you’ll ever meet. He loves changing the world one waffle at time. Great food and even better people! Prepare to have your life changed!

Photo of Steph Does It Steph Does It
Feb 23, 2020 5

Great food! Chicken was juicy and full with flavor. Blueberry Vegan waffle was good and light. Koolaid was just right. They may have some competition with Dame’s. Both black owned spots are great! Would definitely be back. They also cater.

Photo of Jessica Denise Jessica Denise
Feb 13, 2020 5

Support black owned! Amazing breakfast waffle and wings &....that Grandma's Koolaid is out of this world. BIG C definitely makes sure his new and returning customer feel welcome along with his staff!

Photo of Sam Griengl-Schott Sam Griengl-Schott
Jan 23, 2020 5

I often get into heated arguments with my friends about this place. I say it's the best chicken I've ever had, and I've never lost an argument after taking them there. Also get the red velvet waffle, it's insane. You'll thank me later.

Photo of Allen Brown Allen Brown
Jan 22, 2020 5

Traditional chicken and waffles with a country flare! Waffles are melt in your mouth wonderful and the chicken, well you might as well grab some extra wings to-go!! Friendly, customer oriented(I like my chicken cooked crispy), and clean! Must Try It!

Photo of Catherine Richardson Catherine Richardson
Nov 27, 2019 5

Big C's chicken and waffles are simply delicious. I look forward to visiting his restaurant again soon. My favorites are all of it.

Photo of Brenda Woodberry Brenda Woodberry
Dec 6, 2019 5

I had the pleasure of tasting all of this deliciousness. I had a sweet potatoe waffle and I don't know who uncle Wayne is but the way his chicken taste I feel like we were best friends in a past life okay!!!!

Photo of Ms. Bel Ms. Bel
Oct 13, 2019 4

I think the food was pretty good but a bit pricey for the amount of wings that comes with it. I want to support black business owners but $12 for three pieces of chicken wingettes and a waffle ain’t it. Could at least come with a side something to makeup for the price . Prices could be more reasonable!

Photo of Kendra W Kendra W
Sep 7, 2019 5

Big C's waffles are amazing. I love the sweet potato waffle, and the wings. Everything is always fresh and the chicken is crispy.

Photo of Joshua Greenstein Joshua Greenstein
Jul 29, 2019 5

The food and service are excellent at Big C's. I usually get the wing and waffle combo. The wings are really crispy and the seasoning is just right. My favorite waffles are the sweet potato and Doughnut. Its all so good.

Photo of LaSaundra Booth LaSaundra Booth
Jul 4, 2019 5

Food was delicious and fresh. You get a lot of food for the price and it is worth every penny. I called my order in and it was ready when I picked up. Great customer service and I will return.

Photo of Hannah Dent Hannah Dent
Apr 13, 2019 5

The food here goes beyond comfort food. Great chicken, delicious kool-aid, and the thin mint waffles make me so happy every time I get them. You can't get food like this anywhere else in Durham.

Photo of Tolu “Ijebu Tech” Osinowo Tolu “Ijebu Tech” Osinowo
Apr 20, 2019 5

One of the best places in the triangle to get chicken and waffles. They have a lot of different options for breakfast food like eggs, bacon, turkey bacon etc. The waffles are also have different flavors you can choose from and they are fluffy and delicious. The chicken in also nicely flavored and lightly breaded. I definitely recommend

Photo of Michael Karambelas Michael Karambelas
May 19, 2019 5

Amazing waffles and some of the best friend chicken I've ever had. Granny B's juice also amazing. It's on the sweet side (perfect for me), but might not be a good drink option for someone that is not a fan of sweet things.

Photo of Christopher Shonebarger Christopher Shonebarger
May 26, 2019 5

Really amazing chicken and waffles. I've seen this place hidden back in its corner for years and thought I'd visit eventually, but I finally got around to it and I regret that I hadn't sooner. If you're reading this review, definitely give it a visit.You choose the waffle flavor (I chose pecan) and if you want chicken included (of course I added chicken) and in a couple of minutes you get your meal. The chicken was very well seasoned, the waffle was perfect, honestly in my opinion this place competes with some of the pricier sit down chicken and waffle places in the area.

Photo of Sarah Estes Sarah Estes
Jun 7, 2019 4

The fried chicken is excellent, well seasoned and crispy. The sweet potato waffle was dense and delicious. I highly recommend the food here if only it wasn't so expensive! $8 for a take out waffle and $2 per chicken tender is a bit steep for me (prices do include taxes). I think I would be back if there was a combo meal with chicken and a flavored waffle for $10.

Photo of Victoria Cummings Victoria Cummings
Jul 25, 2020 5

The Thin Mint Waffle blew my mind. Where has this been all of my life?!?! Also, the customer service was outstanding.

Photo of Sabrina D Sabrina D
Jun 17, 2020 5

Tried at a Black farmer's market. Really good chicken! Great breading and flavor. I also enjoyed the blueberry waffle. 5/5.

Photo of Christine Becker Christine Becker
Jul 7, 2020 3

Unfortunately, felt like they waffle was well overpriced. And it's not like they have a whole lot of overhead. It's a former hot dog stand right off 55. I was a little bit underwhelmed. And the red velvet didn't taste very velvety...

Photo of Maxx Cee Maxx Cee
Apr 8, 2022 5

Don't sleep on this spot! The chicken was delish! Outdoor appearance isn't up to par but the food is excellent and was served hot and quickly! I'll definitely come back when in Raleigh, NC!

Photo of zach tompkins zach tompkins
Mar 19, 2022 5

Probably the best Chicken wings I’ve ever had. The waffle was great too 👍👍 will definitely come back if I’m ever in the area

Photo of jacatria mitchell jacatria mitchell
Jun 22, 2021 5

Great customer service, food is A1 and it amazing to have a black own business holding it down in the RDU area.

Photo of Shan Rich Shan Rich
Jun 19, 2021 5

Amazing food and service 😋 I even have kept my leftovers for 3 days reheated in the oven and it was still smacking...don't miss out and see for yourself 😚

Photo of Michael Royster Michael Royster
Jun 22, 2021 5

The food is amazing! The customer service is top notch! Great environment! Will definitely be coming back!

Photo of Andrea W Andrea W
Feb 26, 2022 5

Great food and service. The chicken is the best I've had in the Triangle and the Waffles are delicious! I especially love all the different options available.

Photo of Scooterville Tallahassee Scooterville Tallahassee
Dec 8, 2021 5

Love their staff and food. They even survived during the hardest times our pandemic. Much respect to this business. We wish you much success and growth. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All day!

Photo of Boilermaker Devil Boilermaker Devil
Sep 6, 2021 3

Ordered for take out a few months ago and found the person that took our order to be impatient and rude. No biggie though, I was in it for the chicken and waffles, not the service. So, how was the food?? In short, it's no Dame's. The waffles were floppy (almost soggy) and not really noteworthy. The chicken was definitely tasty -- well-cooked and seasoned and the saving grace from this review landing closer to 1 or 2 stars. I will make a point of trying this place again when I can eat the meal in-person, right away. But, I've ordered chicken and waffles from Dame's for takeout (for comparison) and had a much better experience in terms of taste.

Photo of Rodney Alexander Rodney Alexander
Oct 26, 2021 5

I was in love after the first bite! Delicious waffle with wings. Been meaning to come here for months especially after learning about the cool back story of how the business was started and in honor of the owner's father.

Photo of __ __
Sep 25, 2021 5

I’ve been waiting to get a chance to come here since moving and it was worth it. Their vegan waffle is the best! You get a very big waffle with toppings for $9 and it’s flavorful and filling. Service was quick and staff was kind. Will be returning and I highly recommend.

Photo of Sheniece McDaniel Sheniece McDaniel
Jun 19, 2021 5

The waffles are mouth watering and the chicken is perfectly seasoned. They also have tenders,fries,eggs and more versatile with the menu that can be served for breakfast,lunch, or dinner.Best waffles ever never frozen and made to order with fresh ingredients.😍😍😍😍

Photo of Travis Thornton Travis Thornton
Jun 19, 2021 5

The absolute BEST Chicken & Waffle Combo you’re gonna find in N.C! I had the half donut half Bacon Egg & Cheese Waffle(yes it’s inside of the Waffle) Uncle Wayne’s Chicken which is seasoned to perfection, and I topped it off with Granny B Kool-Aid. I’ll highly recommend BIG C’s to anyone, you won’t be disappointed!

Photo of Richard Young Richard Young
Jun 23, 2021 5

Big C Waffles has the best chicken and waffle I have ever tasted! It is simple amazing how they get the different flavors inside the Waffles. Uncle Wayne's chicken is seasoned to perfection!

Photo of Myron Kiel Myron Kiel
Jun 22, 2021 5

Every time I eat at Big C Waffles the experience is exceptional! What’s more interesting is that the food is even better than the experience! One of my favorite restaurants in Durham. Highly recommended!

Photo of Tersha Cox Tersha Cox
Apr 23, 2021 5

First time going and was not disappointed. The glaze donut waffle with four pieces is delicious. Very short wait for the food.

Photo of Jay Gee Jay Gee
Apr 1, 2021 5

I ordered the blueberry waffle (got mine crispy) with wings. The wings were well seasoned and the waffle was delectable. If they keep this up, I will definitely be a repeat customer. * I would have added a photo but once I took the first bite I couldn't stop myself and pick up the phone.

Photo of Griffin James Griffin James
Mar 4, 2021 5

Absolutely loved the waffles! I immediately regretted not ordering more because it was that good. And Lay, the girl who took our order, was so incredibly sweet. Will definitely be coming back!

Photo of Erica Lyons Erica Lyons
Feb 20, 2021 5

I can’t believe I have been missing out on this place! No intentions to stop here today but my fiancé said I should try it as we were driving by. Glad I did the food was amazing! I got the chicken and waffles and it was perfect. Chicken seasoned all the way through and the waffle was fluffy and just how I like it. My new favorite spot for chicken and waffles!!! 😋

Photo of Sahasranshu Panda Sahasranshu Panda
Feb 5, 2021 5

Superb food, and they even have fried oreos. I think the chicken wings are better than the tenders, but that's a personal opinion. The waffles are always outstanding, and I don't even like waffles that much. It would be great if the carry out containers had some tiny holes, or something similar, to prevent the fried chicken crust from going soft because of the steam.

Photo of Michael Stenberg Michael Stenberg
Jan 23, 2021 5

Amazing! I'd recommend it to anyone nearby to try them as they have the best waffles I've ever had and great. It's so light and fluffy and the donut waffle melts in your mouth. Simply amazing and I'll certainly recommend this to my coworkers when the office opens again

Photo of Alicia Sutton Alicia Sutton
Jan 22, 2021 5

I love their red velvet waffle and the chicken is good too! Although last visit the chicken seemed to be more salty than previous visits. Thank you for fast service. I def suggest this restaurant to friends!

Photo of Jon G Jon G
Dec 10, 2020 5

I haven't found a better waffle than the waffles from Big Cs. The uncle Wayne's chicken is also always fried to perfection. Definitely would recommend everyone to stop by and pick up a chicken/waffle combo plate.

Photo of Zachary Solomon Zachary Solomon
Sep 14, 2020 5

This place is a must try, seriously. I’ve never had chicken and waffles like this before. I STRONGLY suggest eating it in your car or a table outside. Don’t wait to take it home. Waffles always get mushy during transportation, eat it ON THE SPOT and get ready to have your mind blown. Also make sure to live a little, if the flavor sounds a little weird, like red velvet, TRY IT. You won’t regret it.

Photo of James Jefferson James Jefferson
Oct 31, 2020 4

Decent. The waffles were excellent, but the chicken smelled much better than it tasted. Wings were well overcooked. But the waffles, again, were outstanding! I'm sure the chicken is usually much better, we just got a bad batch.

Photo of Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith
Nov 12, 2020 5

A Black owned business with kind staff and good food made to the customers liking? Amazing! It was my first time coming here and I was not disappointed

Photo of sarun kumar sarun kumar
Sep 2, 2020 5

I'm an immigrant.. So waffles are new to me. The lady patiently helped me in getting the order. So 5stars. Ordered blueberry waffles with eggs costed me 10$.

Photo of Devil's Fun Devil's Fun
Sep 15, 2020 5

Great food

Photo of Crystal Ivey Crystal Ivey
Jan 26, 2019 5

The chicken is seasoned well and cooked to perfection. The waffles are fluffy and there are plenty of flavors and menu options. The owner is friendly and food is out quick. Oh and the KoolAid!!! 😋 will definitely be back and highly recommend

Photo of Aaron Brown Aaron Brown
Sep 2, 2020 5

This place has great food! Mouth watering!

Photo of Anne Alman Anne Alman
Sep 24, 2020 5

Breakfast for lunch, why not! Served all day! Loved the Blueberry Waffle! Don’t want breakfast, no problem they have fried chicken and more too!

Photo of Zachary Solomon Zachary Solomon
Sep 14, 2020 5

This place is a must try, seriously. I’ve never had chicken and waffles like this before. I STRONGLY suggest eating it in your car or a table outside. Don’t wait to take it home. Waffles always get mushy during transportation, eat it ON THE SPOT and get ready to have your mind blown. Also make sure to live a little, if the flavor sounds a little weird, like red velvet, TRY IT. You won’t regret it.

Photo of Dizzle Dame Dizzle Dame
Sep 9, 2020 5

Big C's waffles best black owned establishment in Durham, in the City out they city you name it. "They got that"!

Photo of Irenia Strickland Irenia Strickland
Sep 13, 2020 3

The food was great and delicious. No complaints; however, I got sick the next day (started that night). My other two coworkers didn’t get sick though. I did have a different waffle from them so maybe that’s why. When I arrived I waited a while before someone took my order and they weren’t rude, but could work on customer service. With those two being said I give three stars. I do plan on going back in months to come to hopefully update my review.

Photo of Trevor Tschosik Trevor Tschosik
Aug 25, 2020 5

Been going here regularly since moving down the road. Can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but their wings are UNREAL. Best wings I’ve ever had, and they’re consistently just as good and fresh as the last time. Big C has it going on!!

Photo of Josiah Jennings Josiah Jennings
Aug 13, 2020 5

Big c waffles best waffles on earth the chickens not to salty it’s just right and crispy to me I prefer a doughnut waffle it’s the classics and the price is worth it (big c waffles best waffles in earth)

Photo of Emily Stumpf Emily Stumpf
Jul 31, 2020 5

Really excellent chicken and waffles! The waffle was fluffy and filling and the chicken was heavily breaded with lots of pepper in the breading. So good! Great place to try some southern chicken and waffles.

Photo of TSpeaks 00 TSpeaks 00
Aug 12, 2020 5

Waffle was great and the chicken was fried perfectly. Shared with my mom and it was more than enough for both of us. Will definitely go back.

Photo of Kush Smoke Kush Smoke
May 4, 2021 3

First time trying it was pretty good , but y’all had me parked waiting for like a hour then I pulled up to window had to wait a additional 5 mins for somebody to come to window lol . Is the wait time normally that long I didn’t order a lot

Photo of Areej Abdulwahab Areej Abdulwahab
Jul 27, 2021 4

I like their waffles but i didnt like the chicken because it was wings. Highly recommended.

Photo of J Simmons J Simmons
Jul 31, 2022 5

Big C. Waffles have great Blue Berry Waffles. The last time I visited Durham, I saw that Big C Waffles was closed for business. When will you be open again? I am starting to have Blue Berry withdrawal :)