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Big C Waffles


2110 Allendown Dr
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 797-7576
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Big C Waffles

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Photo of Sarah Estes Sarah Estes
Jun 7, 2019 4

The fried chicken is excellent, well seasoned and crispy. The sweet potato waffle was dense and delicious. I highly recommend the food here if only it wasn't so expensive! $8 for a take out waffle and $2 per chicken tender is a bit steep for me (prices do include taxes). I think I would be back if there was a combo meal with chicken and a flavored waffle for $10.

Photo of Christopher Shonebarger Christopher Shonebarger
May 26, 2019 5

Really amazing chicken and waffles. I've seen this place hidden back in its corner for years and thought I'd visit eventually, but I finally got around to it and I regret that I hadn't sooner. If you're reading this review, definitely give it a visit. You choose the waffle flavor (I chose pecan) and if you want chicken included (of course I added chicken) and in a couple of minutes you get your meal. The chicken was very well seasoned, the waffle was perfect, honestly in my opinion this place competes with some of the pricier sit down chicken and waffle places in the area.

Photo of Michael Karambelas Michael Karambelas
May 19, 2019 5

Amazing waffles and some of the best friend chicken I've ever had. Granny B's juice also amazing. It's on the sweet side (perfect for me), but might not be a good drink option for someone that is not a fan of sweet things.

Photo of Tolu Osinowo Tolu Osinowo
Apr 20, 2019 5

One of the best places in the triangle to get chicken and waffles. They have a lot of different options for breakfast food like eggs, bacon, turkey bacon etc. The waffles are also have different flavors you can choose from and they are fluffy and delicious. The chicken in also nicely flavored and lightly breaded. I definitely recommend

Photo of Hannah Dent Hannah Dent
Apr 13, 2019 5

The food here goes beyond comfort food. Great chicken, delicious kool-aid, and the thin mint waffles make me so happy every time I get them. You can't get food like this anywhere else in Durham.

Photo of LaSaundra Booth LaSaundra Booth
Jul 4, 2019 5

Food was delicious and fresh. You get a lot of food for the price and it is worth every penny. I called my order in and it was ready when I picked up. Great customer service and I will return.

Photo of Joshua Greenstein Joshua Greenstein
Jul 29, 2019 5

The food and service are excellent at Big C's. I usually get the wing and waffle combo. The wings are really crispy and the seasoning is just right. My favorite waffles are the sweet potato and Doughnut. Its all so good.

Photo of Kendra W Kendra W
Sep 7, 2019 5

Big C's waffles are amazing. I love the sweet potato waffle, and the wings. Everything is always fresh and the chicken is crispy.

Photo of Ms. Bel Ms. Bel
Oct 13, 2019 4

I think the food was pretty good but a bit pricey for the amount of wings that comes with it. I want to support black business owners but $12 for three pieces of chicken wingettes and a waffle ain’t it. Could at least come with a side something to makeup for the price . Prices could be more reasonable!

Photo of Brenda Woodberry Brenda Woodberry
Dec 6, 2019 5

I had the pleasure of tasting all of this deliciousness. I had a sweet potatoe waffle and I don't know who uncle Wayne is but the way his chicken taste I feel like we were best friends in a past life okay!!!!

Photo of Catherine Richardson Catherine Richardson
Nov 27, 2019 5

Big C's chicken and waffles are simply delicious. I look forward to visiting his restaurant again soon. My favorites are all of it.