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Beyu Caffé


341 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 683-1058
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Photo of Juan Pardo Juan Pardo
Feb 10, 2023 4

This is a really nice spot. It is really nice on the inside and has a chill vibe and cool music. The food was good but it took a long time to come out. I had the meat lovers omelette with a side of smoked sausage. Also the staff was a little nonchalant and did not smile. Overall I like this place but I feel that if the staff was a little friendlier and more engaging it would take the experience to the next level. They definitely have huge potential and I would like to see them be successful.

Photo of Andrew Davila Andrew Davila
Jan 8, 2023 4

I came here for breakfast so my review is for the daytime service. This has a dedicated coffee bar on the side for to go service. The menu is not complicated and any route you go looks delicious. I went with French Toast platter the two days I went. Instead of eggs I had grits cause they sounded delicious. I had the same meal twice for consistency. Great staff, the service is slower because they stay constantly busy.

Photo of A. Francis A. Francis
Oct 15, 2022 5

Definitely a vibe! Had brunch today with a friend at this establishment. The atmosphere, service, and food were pretty good! My friend had the shrimp and grits. She loved it! I had the chicken and toast. Lemon pepper chicken wings and French toast. What's not to love?! We also had mimosas. 👌🏽

Photo of YT White YT White
Sep 27, 2022 4

We visited the cafe on Sunday afternoon and the place was very busy but nonetheless the staff was kind, patient and helpful with placing our to go order. The pineapple smoothie was soooo good plus we ordered several baked treats that were fresh and tasty. We loved the vibe at the counter and the different seating areas. Our plans are to visit again and possibly purchase some ground coffee, especially loved the names of each blend. ☕

Photo of Bernard Butts Bernard Butts
Aug 20, 2022 5

Food and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing!! My server was great! She made sure we were well taken care of after a rough start. Definitely will be back again.

Photo of Velinda Utile Velinda Utile
Jul 31, 2022 5

Really loved every bit of my experience here. I visited for a few days and could not recommend a better atmosphere. From the music to the food, and service. This is a black-owned business that really solidifies why I choose these establishments. Wish I discovered this at the beginning of my trip. A gem for sure!

Photo of Chapman Erik Chapman Erik
Jul 3, 2022 3

Fantastic and friendly service. Amazing coffee. Great prices. Please bring back the wrangler sandwich as it was the best breakfast item that made the 40 minute drive worth it on the weekends. Sorry to say that we probably won't be back for weekend breakfasts and won't be recommending Beyu as a breakfast location to people new to the region.

Photo of Richard LaBennett Richard LaBennett
Jun 21, 2022 4

Nice place. It is black owned so I am happy to support. Got a latte and a fruit bowl to get my morning started. Good music as well. Nice vibes in Downtown Durham.

Photo of Benjamin Green Benjamin Green
Jun 20, 2022 5

Very tasty! The food was delicious, the coffee was accurate, plenty of options, and delicious! Expect quick service on the weekends if sitting, and be ready to say what you want quickly. No complaints, but don't worry about the wait if going on Sunday brunch. I recommend the jazzy shrimp and grits, so delicious!

Photo of Zoe Elysium Perissos Zoe Elysium Perissos
May 1, 2022 5

Beyú (Be You) was incredible. We travel a lot for work and sport and typically go to a different spot for each meal. This is the first time we've hit the same spot more than once, it's just that perfect. My 8yr old daughter kept commenting on how "glamourous" and "beautiful" and "fashionable" the employees were, we loved the art on the wall, and the food hit the spot. That fruit feast is something you should always get as a share plate. Or just eat it on your own. The meat lovers omelette was exactly what I needed, which was funny because I normally hate BBQ sauce and onions. Seriously hate them. But I didn't taste or feel onions and the BBQ sauce was sweet and well complimented the meats. The grits were a little peppery for my liking, but otherwise if you like your grits gritty (instead of creamy) then you'll enjoy these. The service was exceptional, bright and cheery, warm and inviting. The place was alive with energy. It just felt like a really cool place to hang out and the food was delicious and the service was top notch. You're doing yourself a disservice if you miss the opportunity to check Beyú out. We will definitely be back. Y'all should bring this to Charleston, SC.

Photo of Aja Black Aja Black
Apr 30, 2022 5

I wish I could give it more stars! The food, music and atmosphere were great. They offer alternatives for those who don’t eat pork. Brenda was a great waitress! I’ll definitely be returning to try more items on the menu.

Photo of Kevin E. Taylor Kevin E. Taylor
Apr 28, 2022 5

Shrimp and Grits. Wings. A berry tea. A PERFECT DAY. A PERFECT DATE. I must return to this spot when all this great service amazing food also has music or performance onstage because even in the daylight, it had ambiance and style. Felt like success and sexy, sunlight and slow down and enjoy.

Photo of Niover Licea Niover Licea
Apr 3, 2022 5

Today we had the opportunity to visit downtown Durham, we are from Miami and we are visiting the city, we had not had breakfast and while we were driving we found this spectacular cafe. There couldn't have been a better choice for something to eat. I was struck by how well cared for the place was and the combination of the historic with the art of the space, but I was even more impressed with the delicious breakfast and its presentation. I have not had the opportunity before to have been surprised by a breakfast similar to this in its flavor and the delicacy of its preparation... all integrated. add to this the attention that Jamia gave us, who with careful treatment and in a very natural, elegant and careful way treated us to all the client who appreciated her in her open. I recommend that garden omelet with vegetables so delicious and coffee so tasty that you won't miss the Miami varieties. Thank you for the good time you spend in your establishment. very soon they will have me there again… if you are passing through Durham, be sure to visit them… I am sure you will be as pleased as I am!

Photo of Margo Lattanzio Margo Lattanzio
Apr 1, 2022 4

Food is delicious and the atmosphere is nice. It gets crowded around 11 on the weekends so try going a bit earlier. The grits are so buttery and the presentation of the food matches the quality. I recommend this place for sure!

Photo of DeeMarie Rice DeeMarie Rice
Mar 30, 2022 5

This place was great! Awesome customer service even the owner came over to the table and spoke with us. The food and the atmosphere was great. I definitely will be back.