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Barley Labs


4015 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 432-4597

Google Reviews

Photo of Lesa Wright Lesa Wright
Jun 9, 2019 5

Great place to visit with or without your dog! Great selection of beer on tap. They also offer canned/bottled beer, etc. Music bingo, trivia and karaoke are must attend events. Follow them so you can see all they offer!

Photo of Sophie McMillian Sophie McMillian
May 4, 2019 5

This isn't a bottle shop that allows dogs. This is a dog place that is a bottle shop. My dog died a few years ago... when I visit Barley Labs I get to enjoy others' dogs and sip on great brew. It's a good spot for community and liveliness!

Photo of ted merrifield ted merrifield
Jun 8, 2019 5

Fun, small place with plenty of seating and a friendly atmosphere. Small but quality beer selection. The dogs loved it.

Photo of Kyle Russell Kyle Russell
May 8, 2019 5

Awesome place! Very chill, you can drink a beer and your pooch can sit on the couch with you! Great beer selection and treats for the pups

Photo of Ashley Martinez Ashley Martinez
May 27, 2019 5

Very dog friendly place. Bartender was helpful and knowledgeable. Plenty of board games and dog toys available to entertain the group.

Photo of Andrea Brent Andrea Brent
Aug 1, 2019 4

Went here earlier this year and it was a neat place. They love dogs and the bartender was awesome. She gave me some stuff to try since I wasn't familiar with some of the beers and was extremely helpful.

Photo of Julie Leopold Julie Leopold
Sep 27, 2019 5

🐶🐕😍 love this place. Had our dog’s 6th birthday party here.

Photo of Linsley Kelly Linsley Kelly
Aug 29, 2019 5

We always have a good time here! Great place to have a beer with or without your pup.

Photo of Sarah Bruinsma Sarah Bruinsma
Oct 26, 2019 5

Great staff, warm, welcoming space, and very dog-friendly! A good selection of draft beer and tasty cider.

Photo of Laura Weaver Laura Weaver
Oct 17, 2019 5

So much fun, and our dog Siena sleeps like a baby when we get home! Great ciders, and kombucha too, thanks Barley labs!

Photo of Aunt Dao Aunt Dao
Nov 16, 2019 5

This place is super for dog and beer lovers. The bar maiden was sweet, helpful, and even offered treats to our old dog, Sammy. He got the crazy eyes🤩

Photo of Melissa O'Daine Johnson Melissa O'Daine Johnson
Dec 1, 2019 5

This is a great place where pups and their humans can have a great time. They have dog treats, toys and bowls and some great beer and ciders

Photo of Miranda McCraw Miranda McCraw
Dec 14, 2019 5

Highly recommend! This is a great casual spot to meet a friend for drinks. The staff is incredibly friendly. The beer/cider options change frequently and there are options for everyone. They welcome dogs, which is one of the best things about Barley Labs.

Photo of Mark Joseph Mark Joseph
Dec 24, 2019 5

Friendly place with a nice selection of beers and cider on draft for on premises consumption.. Very dog friendly, they offer dog biscuits made with spent grains.

Photo of fubar Fubar fubar Fubar
Jan 12, 2020 4

Dog friendly, good beer selection, they have game nights, had a great time!

Photo of Jason Brown Jason Brown
Feb 6, 2020 5

Theresa and her crew are legit. They have well curated brew offerings, smiling faces, good prices and love dogs. Go see for yourself!

Photo of Rebecca Fensholt Rebecca Fensholt
Jan 9, 2019 5

Barley Labs is a great bar, with or without a dog! Definitely worth driving a few miles past downtown. They have awesome events and a really fun, yet relaxed, atmosphere. Good selection of beer and wine at a great price (and good specials)! We've had a great time with our dogs, but it's not just a "dog bar" - it's just as fun when I've come without my dogs and just played board games with friends. Hands down, my favorite bar in Durham!

Photo of Millie Kwan Millie Kwan
Apr 15, 2018 4

Nice beer store with 16 taps and also bottles and cans as well. I like that it is mostly NC beers and also some other nice craft beers from around the country. You can get a regular pint or half pours and they sell and fill growlers also. Very dog friendly with dog toys and treats for sale. Good amount of seating indoors and outdoors. The seating in the back seems a little tight though. Friendly staff and good craft beer selections. Parking is plentiful and this strip mall is a bit hidden in the corner of University Dr and Shannon Rd.