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Bar Brunello


117 E Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 294-4825
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Bar Brunello

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Photo of Meaghan McGrath Meaghan McGrath
Apr 11, 2019 5

The best wine bar in the Triangle. Esteban, Sergio and crew provide endless lively banter and really, really know their wines. I love being able to go into a place, describe the flavor profile I'm craving, and be presented with exactly what I'm looking for! Bar Brunello itself is a small, intimate bar -- very minimalist in design, which I love because the focus then resides in the wine and the company of those around you. There's also a small patio out back where you can sip on a glass when the weather is nice! Esteban has wine that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the area, his collection of bottles is extremely impressive. Great place to discover new wines, have an intimate night out with your partner, or catch up with friends.

Photo of Marisol Hydock Marisol Hydock
Jun 17, 2019 5

I'm personally not the biggest fan of vinoculture. A friend brought us here for a wine tasting for her birthday. I was truly impressed by the knowledge and passion of the owner as he explained some unusual wine variants to us. It's a small, quaint space with plenty of other options around for food and entertainment. If I fancy a glass of wine in the future, I'll certainly return here.

Photo of Sarah Breznik Sarah Breznik
May 18, 2019 1

Bartender was not helpful in suggesting wines at all; she acted like she didn't even want to help at all even though I asked her opinion. My friend and I were verbally acosted by another patron at the bar who did not agree with us on certain political points. Bartender told my friend and I it might be time to separate even though we were staying calm.

Photo of Kathryn Desplanque Kathryn Desplanque
Apr 10, 2019 5

Great wine selection. Lovely hole in the wall feel but very very classy. The type of place you'd expect to find in a big city. Such a gem!

Photo of Sam Boyarsky Sam Boyarsky
Dec 5, 2018 5

Stop in and let Esteban pour you a glass of wine. You will not be disappointed. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about wine and he conveys that as he introduces you to the delicious glass he pours.

Photo of Erica E Erica E
Jun 18, 2019 5

I came to Bar Brunello with a date and two friends. The atmosphere immediately spoke to me as it was dimly lit, calming and upscale. I loved the many wine choices and the small and quirky table/chairs. Upon drinking a few too many, I spilled red wine all over myself. I was not judged and it was cleaned up immediately. Thank you for an incredible experience!

Photo of Ethan Poe Ethan Poe
Jun 30, 2019 5

I'm the person from the Sarah Breznik review and I first just want to note that Bar Brunello did a great job dealing with what actually happened was her and her friend making wildly racist comments and asking them politely to leave. Overall Bar Brunello is a lovely spot that has a great curation of Eastern European wine and is a must-see spot for wine nerds and people who just want to have a relaxed evening with great service and ambiance.

Photo of Anna Castle Anna Castle
Jul 16, 2019 5

Esteban is the best! He has so much knowledge about wine. And love the atmosphere too! This is a great place to come out on a date or take yourself out and get spoiled. Love the back patio as well. 5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Photo of Gregory Cash Gregory Cash
Oct 14, 2019 3

Large wine selection is a big plus. Arrived about an hour before close on a Friday night and there are about 3 other couples at the bar. Once we sat down at the bar the bar tender seemed very interested in serving us. Was a odd interaction with the bar tender but the wine list was solid.

Photo of Allen Lee Allen Lee
Oct 4, 2019 5

Fun spot with an excellent eclectic wine list. Lots of good wines from lesser know regions

Photo of Jessica Jessica
Jul 28, 2019 5

Lovely little bar with an interesting and varied wine list. Esteban is great and is clearly passionate about wine. He listens before giving suggestions. Go here!