American Meltdown


6910 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 473-6358
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American Meltdown

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Photo of Mike Ali Mike Ali
May 28, 2019 5

A bunch of inventive sandwiches, all of which are very tasty. The sides are all excellent too (brussel sprouts in particular). Truck and mall store are equally good.

Photo of Jane Argon Jane Argon
Mar 29, 2019 5

This is my favorite food truck in the triangle. Their physical location is not quite as good, but close enough to make me very happy. The food sounds simple, but it is so good. My favorites are the Buffalo Chicken & the Fig and Goat Cheese. Least favorite was probably the Fried Sprouts. A bit too greasy & charred for my taste.

Photo of Donna Ferrozzo Donna Ferrozzo
Mar 7, 2019 3

Cashier was pleasant and food was alright. Got the patty melt and a bread pudding. The patty melt had a sauce that was too sweet and the burger was so small it was half the size of the bread. The first serving of bread pudding was crispy and burnt. Got a second one, it is then covered with what I guess is whip cream. A bit better but not what I would call bread pudding and it doesn’t hold up to classic custard bread pudding at all. I give this place a 3 since the product wasn’t worth what I paid for it. A bit high for mediocre food.

Photo of Andy Schmidt Andy Schmidt
Jan 28, 2019 5

First visit. Great experience. Food was amazing. Their Sloppy Joe is delicious. The kids recommend their grilled cheese and mac n cheese. $40 for a family of 6 in the metro. Highly recommend if your in the area of the "Streets @ South point"!

Photo of faith darkstar faith darkstar
Apr 30, 2019 4

The fried brussel sprouts were great and the cashier was very friendly.

Photo of Dean VanHart Dean VanHart
Jun 25, 2019 4

The food was good. They had free refills on soda. The price was a bit much. 27.00 for 2 to eat lunch is a bit high. There must have been upcharges for sides and drinks