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9th Street Active Feet Inc


725 Iredell St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-5101
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Photo of todd williams todd williams
Jan 7, 2020 5

Get expert advice and keep your feet, ankles, knees and back happy. Great service, clean and neat store and professional advice make for a great experience

Photo of Trina Freeman Trina Freeman
Jan 2, 2020 5

They do a wonderful job personally fitting you for your new shoes..

Photo of Peggy Craft Peggy Craft
Sep 9, 2019 5

I sometimes have to wait a bit . . . but it is always worth the wait. They take the time that's needed with each customer to get the right fit. Future visits are fast, since they keep a record of your fit - but even then, they do a check, since our feet can change even over a short time. I've referred lots of folks to this place, and they all came back happy.

Photo of Gladys Walker Gladys Walker
Jul 11, 2019 5

These folks know their stuff when it comes to athletic shoes. It's a great place to buy your shoes. Love these guys.

Photo of Gene Bur Gene Bur
Aug 2, 2018 4

This store probably can meet casual running needs that running world or whatever people read prescribes. On the other hand, do they have racing flats? No. Do they have racing spikes? No. Do they carry proper winter gear during the winter? No. Do they have split shorts? No. Do they carry any Nike shoes? No. So if you are more than an, "eh, I think I'll run today" type of person, check out other stores or just online. If you're a casual hobbyist then this will probably due just fine. In the end, glad there's a local running store.

Photo of Albert Ulak Albert Ulak
Apr 7, 2019 5

Helpful staff, friendly service, no pressure.

Photo of David Schmid David Schmid
Nov 27, 2018 5

I went into the store with foot pain from shoes I had bought elsewhere. The gentleman did a great job listening and did not up sell me. I left paying only $20 for insoles. I will definitely buy my shoes from Active Feet in the future.

Photo of Jerris Gibbs Jerris Gibbs
Jun 9, 2019 3

Hello. So my interaction here was brief but wanted to let folks know that if you’re looking for Birkenstocks the guy at the counter informed me that they don’t have them here. Dude didn’t seem super keen on waiting on me but that might just be his personality. Came here to try on Birkenstock sandals because the Birkenstock website listed the place as an authorized retailer, and yet. Not a reality. Three stars bc the guy at the counter seemed SUPER inconvenienced by my presence but again, maybe he’s like that with everyone? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Photo of Steve Bream Steve Bream
May 3, 2022 5

9th Street Active Feet is the go-to place for running shoes. I was fit into the wrong shoes at another local running store, leading to knee pain. The staff at 9th St. Took the time to fit me properly, and put me in a more neutral shoe. After only a few miles I can tell a huge difference. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and they stock lots of options. I don't know why I got fitted somewhere else, but from now on I'm trusting my feet to 9th Street.

Photo of Cheryl H Cheryl H
Jan 11, 2022 5

Went in to update my sneaker sz for my daughter to get me a pair. Excellent young man with answers to all my questions. Very knowledgeable. Said he's been there 7 yrs now. I've been coming here for the last 32 yrs. Best place to buy esp my Thorlos ..

Photo of Charles Timberlake Charles Timberlake
Nov 2, 2021 5

Awesome customer service and great shoes.

Photo of Cameron Bright Cameron Bright
Dec 31, 2021 5

Great customer service - very helpful. Will buy from here again.

Photo of Emerson Jakes Emerson Jakes
Sep 16, 2021 5

I highly recommend this place if you need new tennis shoes. They evaluate your gait and get shoes perfect for your needs that you didn't even know about. They keep all your information on a computer, so they know exactly what type of shoe you had last time and you can tell them how it worked for you and they can make adjustments. They are very knowledgeable, good customer service, and they will get you in and out quickly. Good shoes are expensive, so I don't fault them for the cost. Good guys, clean store, and great shoes.

Photo of Felicia Bunch Felicia Bunch
Aug 5, 2021 5

Very nice place, love this inside it's a little tiny store so kinda hard to see but still love the workers and everyone who helped me even though I have problem feet!

Photo of Xanthan Lee Xanthan Lee
Jul 10, 2021 5

Fantastic service! The staff is so knowledgeable and gave us great advice on our next sets of running shoes, for my daughter and me.

Photo of Mary Luckenbaugh Mary Luckenbaugh
Jun 22, 2021 5

My husband and I can always find excellent quality shoes with a perfect fit here. The staff members are friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend 9th Street Active Feet!

Photo of David Thomasson David Thomasson
Jun 2, 2021 5

Very Helpful. Definitely the Place to go for Shoes!

Photo of Tammy Smith Tammy Smith
May 1, 2021 5

Wonderful place to get shoes! Such helpful and caring people that know what is best for your feet!

Photo of Travis Melvin Travis Melvin
Mar 25, 2021 5

Always a friendly place and the staff is ultra Knowledgeable! I am a First responder and have been for 28 years. This is were the majority of us purchase our active wear. They make sure you have the appropriate shoe for your feet!

Photo of Brian C Newman Brian C Newman
Jan 23, 2021 5

Very customer-focused with staff that cater to the individual feet each person has. Knowledgeable about each shoe manufacturer's pros and cons.

Photo of Roderick Gorham Roderick Gorham
Dec 28, 2020 5

Needed some running shoes that gave me the proper support. I am about 85% flat foot, so my arch falls easy. They set me up with a great pair of shoes and some insoles. I will be going back when my shoes and insoles wear out.

Photo of Joyce Arcus Joyce Arcus
Aug 22, 2020 5

Always consistently great customer service!

Photo of Frank Tarczynski Frank Tarczynski
Oct 4, 2020 5

Best fitting for active footwear in the area. Not cheap, but you'll get the best shoe for you feet.

Photo of Michael Brown Michael Brown
Sep 25, 2020 5

Haven't felt that comfort in years!!!

Photo of Sumeet Sahu Sumeet Sahu
Jul 12, 2019 5

Best shoe shop in and around Durham

Photo of Phyllis Nichols Phyllis Nichols
Sep 1, 2020 5

The guy that helped me was WONDERFUL... Told him what I needed.. I bought 3 pair of shoes...it will be my go to store from now on.

Photo of Ken Ray (mrkenray) Ken Ray (mrkenray)
Aug 10, 2020 5

We needed to have our middle schooler properly fitted for running shoes. Dustin took the time to patiently work with our eleven year old and get a good and comfortable for him. Great service, great product. Highly recommended!

Photo of Rick Nipper Rick Nipper
Feb 22, 2014 5

I first learned about 9th Street Active Feet years ago when I was referred there by a physical therapist. I was not disappointed then and have continued to be pleased. They employ knowledgeable staff who have degrees in exercise science or athletic training. They analyze your feet and your gait in order to find the appropriate shoe for you. They also have a large selection of orthotics. I definitely suggest you check out this store if you are athletic or on your feet a lot.

Photo of Matthew Eckert Matthew Eckert
May 24, 2022 5

Dustin was kind, courteous, professional, and attentive. Very happy with my experience and my purchase! I got running shoes that I'll mostly use for waking because I'm starting to have knee issues at 31. I can tell this is going to be a game changer for my joints! Also snagged some awesome flip flops with arch support and a knee brace. Will definitely be back!

Photo of Travis Melvin Travis Melvin
Jul 13, 2022 5

Always a friendly place and the staff is ultra Knowledgeable! I am a First responder and have been for 29 years. This is were the majority of us purchase our active wear. They make sure you have the appropriate shoe for your feet!

Photo of Ahmad Mansoor Ahmad Mansoor
Jun 24, 2022 5

My only concern with this store is that more people don't know about it. I can't recommend coming here enough, especially over all of the other shoe stores with teenagers using "high tech" machines to give you "assessments". My first experience with this store was years ago when I finally forced my mom to get a better pair of shoes for work. She was a home nurse and was constantly on her feet, even with a history of foot and leg problems. Once we arrived, we were given first class service and attention by the staff. My mom ended up going home with what, to this day, she claims were the best pair of shoes and socks she's ever owned. Since then, I've been back almost every year or two for a new pair of running shoes. I used to buy whatever running shoes were available and cheap, but I have bad overpronation (super flat feet) and it caused a lot of pain in my legs and back when I exercised or ran. After my mom's experience, I decided to try getting a nice pair of shoes so that I could enjoy my runs and exercise. Every year I get the same experience. The staff look at my feet, have me stand, walk, run, and do other exercises to determine what my needs are. Every time, no matter what. And, yes, my feet have changed and the shoe recommendations have over the years as well, meaning they really do pay attention and do a true assessment every time. And every year, I get a great pair of running shoes and I haven't had leg or back pain since. The staff are always polite, curious, and willing to help. I believe they all also have some sort of relevant professional education / training, according to the website and the experience you have. I would highly recommend you come here to buy your next pair of shoes, whether they're for exercise, work, or recovery!

Photo of David Davis David Davis
Jul 11, 2022 5

Staff is trained very well at fitting the shoe you need for your foot. It's a Durham "institution!"

Photo of Sierra Rice Sierra Rice
Jul 26, 2022 5

The workers were knowledgeable and friendly. They helped me find the right shoes based on my feet size and needs. I highly recommend them. 👟