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The Story Behind #DanceDurham

The creation of Dance Durham was a community-driven process, resulting in a video that showcases unique dance experiences in Durham while also capturing the city’s collaborative, welcoming, and creative spirit.

Posted By Discover Durham Staff on Aug 03, 2016

The project is a collaboration between DCVB and Saleem Reshamwala, the Durham-based video director and creative force behind Kid Ethnic. Reshamwala put out an informal ask around Durham for dancers who wanted to be filmed for the video. “We did it really organically. There was no formal call out or post,” Reshamwala said. “We talked to a few people who recommended other people who recommended others.”

In a week, through word of mouth alone, Reshamwala filmed dozens of Durhamites and visitors, including dancers participating in a movement class at the American Dance Festival; the African American Dance Ensemble; salsa dancers at Cocoa Cinnamon; break dancers at Ninth Street Dance studio; samba dancers at the Samba Samba Festival; members of the NC Youth Tab Dance Ensemble; and many more.

Even the video soundtrack was a product of community involvement. Storm Loopers, a collaboration between Durham musicians The Real Laww and DJ Shahzad, produced the Dance Durham soundtrack, which the different dance groups and soloists danced along to. Download the track here.

“With the American Dance Festival movement class, they don’t usually dance to anything like [the Dance Durham soundtrack],” Reshamwala said. “The second half of the day’s lesson they danced to that beat. It was cool to see how many people were game.”

Stay tuned for upcoming content on ways that you can get involved in the #DanceDurham scene, as well as additional video collaborations with Saleem Reshamwala!

How do you #DanceDurham? Share your moves on Facebook and Instagram using the #DanceDurham hashtag!

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