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5 Reasons to Make Durham your Favorite Springtime Festival Location

You made it. You survived the woolen socks of winter and are ready to enjoy the sweet breeze of spring with tickets to a Durham festival!

Posted By Ashley Strahm

This beautiful season in Durham means that the opportunities for fun are nearly as plentiful as the music in the air. Read on to discover five reasons why festival season in Durham is unlike any other.

1. The weather – need we say more?

Durham's outdoor spaces are prime for enjoying festivals from spring through autumn. This season alone, we'll celebrate Full Frame Film Festival, the Strawberry Festival, and the Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival. The Sarah P. Duke Gardens is the perfect place to decompress after a day of entertainment, but so are the city's numerous hidden gems you probably haven’t explored. Tag us on Twitter as you make memories in Durham’s outdoor spaces this spring!

2. Durham is accessible, by foot, by spoke or by scooter

Chances are you’ll have time between films or performances while in Durham. Why not take a stroll (or a ride) between venues? Bike borrowing services and scooter programs are vying for you to pedal from one end of the city to the other, and the downtown area is extremely walkable.

3. You don't have to stop the party at the hotel

Staying close to the action could be a one-of-a-kind experience; you've got a variety of unique accommodations available to you in Downtown Durham. Many of the festivals taking place in Durham this spring are either in or incredibly close to the downtown area, meaning you have plenty of options for lodging within walking distance of your venues of choice.

4. The festival life requires sustenance and Durham delivers

From food truck forays to intermission brews, inexpensive meals and beverages are well within reach during your downtime. Fullsteam Brewery, Parts and Labor, and King’s Sandwich Shop are all located near Durham festival venues, and offer meals under $10 that’ll keep you energized throughout your busy days. Head to Five Points in the city center for a full dining experience that’ll satiate any palate.

5. Come for the entertainment – leave with a memory

We’ve been there too – long after the music has stopped and the credits roll, nostalgia sets in. Not so in Durham. It’s easier than ever to keep that festival feeling here. Take some time to walk to a local business and pick up a piece of the city to bring home. You’ll spend just a few days in Durham, but with a bit of exploration (and a card that helps you shop local!), Durham will stay with you until you return.

Assets for this festival guide were provided by our partner Katelyn Belch, owner and content curator of Best of the Bull.

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