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(VIDEO) Food Town: Durham

Durham enjoys press headlines often, but this feature takes the cake.

Posted By Discover Durham Staff on Sep 26, 2018

Discover Durham worked with Cynthia Hill with Markay Media on this project starting several years ago. A Durham resident, Cynthia is also the producer of the award-winning series, "A Chef's Life," based on the life of Chef Vivian Howard of Kinston. If you missed the premiere, view the whole show below! It highlights some of the brightest culinary pioneers and creators in Durham’s restaurant scene in a fascinating way.

You're going to need far more than this 24 hour feature to foray into the culinary destination that is Durham, NC — but for now, enjoy the sights and sounds of our foodie city.

"Food Town" has already premiered on UNC-TV, but you can watch the entire episode right here.

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