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Discover Durham: A Reintroduction

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Posted By Discover Durham Staff on Oct 23, 2018

Discover Durham

As of October 23, 2018, the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB) will be known as Discover Durham.

For 30 years, DCVB bore the “Convention & Visitors Bureau” moniker in its name. Over the years, other cities moved to catchier names like Explore Asheville, Visit Indy, and Destination DC, to name a few.

We considered changing on many occasions. The acronym DCVB is well known by local stakeholders, but many couldn’t articulate what the letters stood for or why it matters. Visitors know what visitor centers are but otherwise don’t understand what CVBs do.

As we worked on how we position Durham over the past year, we also considered how and if we should reposition DCVB and concluded the timing was right.

With that background, we’re excited to share our new name, Discover Durham. It conveys energy, action, and anticipation. We tell Durham’s story to attract visitors and drive economic progress, and we hope you agree that Discover Durham conveys this in a straightforward and simpler way.

Does this change how Discover Durham operates as an organization?

Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau is the legal registered name of the organization, but we’ll be known as Discover Durham to our customers and stakeholders to better illustrate who we are. Our outward-facing name has changed, but our mission remains exactly the same.

Quite simply, we’re here to help people Discover Durham. But it’s more than just being welcoming hosts. Last year Durham visitors spent more than $800 million here, helping local businesses prosper, creating jobs, generating tax revenues for local governments, and enhancing the quality of life of each and every Durham resident. You could call us Durham’s marketing agency, but we’re much more than that — we’re entrusted by state and local governments to lead the strategic economic and cultural development of our city and county, related to people who visit Durham. We’re proud to welcome visitors into our remarkable destination — while remaining accountable to those who make Durham what it is.

We take the responsibility seriously.

With each tweet, post, guide, and conversation, we share a bit of ourselves with visitors. We’re the unapologetic, passionate advocates of all Durham has to offer. We tell Durham’s story in a way that attracts all kinds of visitors — leisure visitors, business travelers, people attending meetings, conventions, festivals and sporting events — anyone who might like what Durham has to offer. We also provide services to them (or the hospitality partners who host them) after they arrive to make their stays memorable.

What comes next?

In the first 30 years of our existence, Durham welcomed more than 150 million visitors. We’re continually expanding the audiences we reach to introduce ourselves. Discover Durham is ever changing — but we are never changing. While Durham grows and embraces its foundation of diversity, grit, and innovation, we do too. We welcome the bold. The visionary. The passionate. The unconventional. The defiant. Some things may change, but that never will.

Our social handles will stay the same, but profile pics may change — as well as the look and feel of our promotion materials (stay tuned)! We're encouraging followers of our channels to post their favorite experiences, memories, and places on social media with the hashtag #DiscoverDurham. We want you to be a part of this new chapter, too.

If you have any questions at all about the direction we're headed, let us know. We are, after all, here to serve … and to help you Discover Durham.

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