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CurEating in the Bull City

The CurEat app helps users to ‘cut through the clutter’ to find independently owned restaurants while they explore new destinations.

Posted By Discover Durham Staff on May 30, 2018

Travelers are encouraged to cultivate lists of their favorite finds with friends and family.

Richmond CurEater and Chef Brittanny Anderson of Brenner Pass and Metzger Bar & Butchery recently visited Durham, NC. She CurEat'ed her way around the Bull City with Brenner Pass co-owner James Kohler. Brittany wrapped up her time at Charleston Wine & Food and decided to make a pit stop as she passed through Durham on the way back home. It was her first time in the city, and she couldn't wait to explore the culinary scene. We sat down with Brittanny to ask her thoughts about exploring the Bull City. Read another Durham culinary Q &A with esteemed chef Mike Lee here.

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You were a chef in New York City for quite a while. What inspired you to return to Richmond?

I loved living in New York, but really missed the outdoor space and ease of living in Virginia. Additionally, the food scene in Richmond started to seem more exciting to me, so I thought it would be a good time to move back and try to open my own restaurant.

Tell us why you chose to introduce European cuisine to Richmond through Metzger Bar + Butchery and Brenner Pass.

I accidentally got into German food because I was really into beer at the time. My partner owned a craft sausage company where we made lots of German and European-style sausages. It has been fun to explore the cuisines of the two regions and introduce them to our guests!

What piqued your interest in CurEating your way around Durham?

I was amazed by how many incredible restaurants were packed into such a small city – and all of it was so delicious! I especially loved the pizza scene. Pizzeria Toro was great!

What were the similarities and differences you observed between the Richmond culinary scene and the Durham culinary scene?

I think the resurgence of Durham has been exciting and the community has joined forces to create a sensational restaurant scene. Richmond has had a similar resurgence, but the city is a little more spread out with more distinct neighborhoods. The restaurants in both cities are super cool, and I think the vibes are similar.

Explore Durham's vibrant culinary scene

Describe Durham in three words.

Friendly, mid-century modern, and delicious.

Why did you choose to be a CurEater? Would you recommend CurEat as a tool for people who want to explore the culinary scene in cities like Durham and Richmond?

I love the concept of CurEat, and I think it is very helpful in cities like Richmond and Durham. The best places aren't always in the national press, so a local chef is truly the best way to find great places to eat!

Finally, what are three ingredients that you can't live without as a chef?

Smoked paprika, mayonnaise, and crème fraiche.

What is CurEat?

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