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Bridal Portraits: Thinking Outside the Box

Published: 07/18

Although I've been shooting weddings for years, I've always done bridal portraits as a "day of" service. In Colorado, there wasn't much of a market for bridal portraits before the big day. Now that I've moved to North Carolina, it's an entirely different ballgame! Pre-wedding portraits are big business down South. So, how can you separate yourself from the pack? Well for starters, take advantage of the fact that you now have one resource that isn't on your side on the actual wedding day: time.

On wedding days, you're frequently bouncing around between places, shooting candids here, details there, bridal parties, formals, etc. Frequently, you just don't have as much time as you'd like to do a well thought-out and lit bridal portrait. When you have the ability to shoot the bride beforehand, it's much easier to think about lighting, location, and even having a styling team there to make your job easier! Having hair and makeup on set with you can be a Godsend when it comes to making sure all the little details are just right. When your bride has been running around half the day, you can almost guarantee that her makeup and hair aren't going to be looking fresh.


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