How It Works

Learn about how the Durham Wayfinders volunteer service works to see if it's right for you or your business.

To participate, individuals register on this site.

The volunteer team manager at participating Durham organizations posts event shifts on the calendar.

After attending a mandatory orientation, the registered Wayfinder volunteers use the site to sign up for available shifts.

Volunteer team managers for each event are able to pull reports, send messages, and keep the Wayfinders informed of any changes.

Wayfinder volunteers have an online record of all hours they have worked.

Wayfinder volunteers will be eligible to earn rewards, which will be determined by the individual organizations and events, e.g., a certain number of hours in return for complimentary tickets.

Any voluntary service is at the discretion of the Durham Wayfinder Teams. The Administrator/Team Manager may, at any time, and for whatever reason, decide to terminate volunteer's relationships with the organization. Similarly, volunteers may at any time, and for whatever reason, decide to terminate their relationships with the "Your Group". Notice of such decisions should be communicated at the earliest opportunity, preferably in writing.

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